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Call Us Today!
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What type of siding do you use?
We use Alside siding.

What is the warranty on the siding?
Alside offers Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranties.

What is the labor warranty?
North Carolina says 1 year, but S&S Siding, Inc. provides a 10-year warranty.

What is the thickness of the siding?
We start at .42mm and go up to .46mm, depending on the siding, which is much thicker than what you would normally find and therefore is much more durable.

Do you install insulation behind the siding?
Yes, we use ¼ to ¾ inches of insulation.

How long does it take?
It depends on the project. When we come out to provide you an estimate, we will provide a much more accurate estimate.

Do you remove the existing siding?
We remove vinyl or aluminum siding. Wood and Masonite can stay in place and we side over it. Any damaged siding we will replace.

Do you replace rotten wood?
Yes, we do.  When we look at your home, we will be able to determine what needs to be replaced.

Is there going to be a mess in my yard?
We will have equipment in your yard, but we clean up all debris daily.

Do I have to be at home?
No, all the work is done outside the home.


Do you replace all windows at the same time?
We replace windows one by one, so you never have more than one opening at a time.

How long does it take?
Most jobs, we can do in a day. We can replace up to 20 windows in one day.

Is there going to be a mess in my yard or home?
We clean up daily, so there won't be a mess when we leave. The only way you know we've been in your home is your new windows.

Does your estimate include labor, parts and cleanup?
Our estimates cover the full job, including hauling off old windows and trash, caulking, etc. There are no hidden costs.

Do I have to be at home?
It's entirely up to you. The installer does have to be inside your home, so whatever makes you most comfortable is fine with us.

What is the warranty?
We use Alside windows and they provide Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranties.

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